Strength in community

We support multicultural communities’ wellbeing through programs and services


“Stronger Together” is Strong Communities Ltd’s initiative that focuses on supporting culturally and linguistically diverse communities in the Gladstone Region.

We are the Gladstone Region’s facilitator of the “Community Action for a Multicultural Society” (CAMS) program. Funded by the Queensland Goverment. We are one of 19 organisations working across the State to connect people with opportunities for inclusion in local employment, services, social networks and industries. We plan and deliver programs that tackle the economic and social barriers facing people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

In addition to the CAMS program, Stronger Together delivers a range of supportive and complementary programs that further develop our local capacity to welcome, support and retain people in our regional cities and townships.


We deliver programs, activities and events for the Gladstone Region’s multicultural communities and those who support them.

Inluenced by relevant and modern strategic planning, strong community connections, evidence-based knowledge and lived experiences, we deliver a range of projects, activities and initiatives that address local barriers to economic and social inclusion to build sustainable opportunities for new residents in local employment, services, networks and industries.


Gladstone Multicultural Hub

Providing information and resources for new residents of the Gladstone Region

Information Sessions

Building legal, financial, health, wellbeing, education, employment and social support awareness

My Aussie Plan (MAP)

Building sustainable opportunities to achieve social and economic outcomes

Story Telling

Sharing community stories, ‘Humans of Gladstone Region’, podcasts and media advocacy to fight racism, prejudice and stereotypes

Disaster Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery

Supporting culturally diverse communities in local disaster management efforts through coordinated engagement

Organisation Support

Resource development, interagency networking and cultural awareness


Most frequent questions and answers

We are located in the Gladstone Region and assist the multicultural communities within our local government area.

We offer a range of services for new residents of the Gladstone Region including welcome packs, information sessions and personal and professional goal setting sessions (MAP).

Unfortunately, we do not currently have interpreter services available.

We recommend you contact Translating and Interpreting Services Australia.


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